The Prince (reverse)

by August Marx

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released May 20, 2012

All August Marx Vocals Recorded by: YedidYah Ben Sion for Uncle Darryl Studios
Cover Art Designed by: Skull Damage
Mastered by: Chris Hutchins of Bizarro Records
All YedidYah Ben Sion lyrics written by Richard Highbaugh III for Angel Gambini Publisihing (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Verbal Godz Indianapolis, Indiana

Verbal Godz began recording for their debut project, "When Kingdoms Fall", in the fall of 2009. This promotional LP was well received and respected by the underground community. The Verbal Godz consist of brothers, Savage Trinity and YedidYah Ben Sion who eventually included SpekTrim into their endeavors. This trio of lyricist show great promise of being an immovable force to be respected. ... more

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Track Name: A Fuckin' M.C. Story produced by J. Demers
Verse 1: Ill in these cuts/you feeling me huh/I joined the Mickey Mouse club to fuck Hilary Duff/the Disney channel couldn’t stand the ill man/god of poon pie/move by with Hannah Montana/I’m screwing two pies/Crème white vageenas pelvic thrust/singing m-i-c/key the original kings beat it to smitherings/I really wanted raven simone/but misbehaving was played/so I had to leave Raven alone/how would daddy feel if Miley put a track on to vibe/and said this is for yedidyah/the black man is god/pulling hot sauce out here purse at cook outs/smoking weed in the limousine/with PD for look out/prime time verbal godz live/sion in hand cuffs/Dogs found Miley’s cocaine/she wouldn’t stand up/”poppa Billy Ray tell’em”/he said get away from us/he assaulted my daughter with that one eyed elephant trunk/and my little Miley looked me dead in the face/and said/”you’re a real nigga, but I think we need a break so/this is weird

Chorus: This a fucking M.C. story/the kind that we used to tell/when the beat drops/to a boom or beat box/and we get it on/Yes yes ya’ll/cause I’m a fucking emcee

Verse 2: America hated me before/but now they really hate me/its real/lately the white girls been begging to date me/I took it back to Raven/baby I’m sorry/u do that psychic shit/now u spazzing out on some booty I ain’t even hit/breast milk in the rice crispies/u had me stressing ma/me and Hannah/kicked it once/listening to Tupac/three knocks at the door/saved by the crack whore/skinny blonde Mami Montana/she said I miss you boo/I said I miss you too/she said u have no idea I’ve been like sick for you/told me she watched roots/Friday/krush groove/said she love me now more than ever/plus she understand my black man blues/finally raven had enough and said listen its through/bitch get out of my house/Montana you too/so I’m busted/I’mma see where Hilary Duff lives/cause ain’t enough brothers in the Mickey Mouse club

Chorus: Yo/This a fuckin' M.C. story/cause I'm fucking Miley Cyrus/I'm fucking Miley Ray Cyrus/yo/I'm fucking Miley Ray Cyrus/this a fuckin' M.C. story/the kind that we used to tell/this a fuckin' M.C. Story/cause I"m fucking Miley Cyrus
Track Name: Swallow or Spit produced by Say Cuattro
Terra Firma scorched/gun blazed radiant/ratio of kings/mad malicious/majestic miss you with special intrigue/sky collapse mind trap strapped/for sense of mercy/I mercilessly murk off the eloquent of speech and unworthy/low substance and wordy/riddles and redundant pick a journey/noble or novice/oval or obelisque/I’m feeling dirty/I make love to a goddess/mother nature’s gon’ need a gourney/sixty nine/I’m seven thirty/give it back u heard me/better at thirty/than never I stand where it hurts/willie lynch turned our daughter’s names to amber alert/and we turned it to bitch/burn that bridge/try to explain to your kids/the wizard of id/barbarian kill to live/twenty eight days later/ghouls and gobblins are fools politics/moving to doom your conscious/In the tomb of nonsense order rules/cruising with logic/so my ash tray look like Joes Apartment
Burn baby burn, your mic is on fire/flame on YedidYah/with that Verbal God shit/ill flows that’ll shatter your conscience/and bomb men/we don’t put up with that nonsense/Burn Baby Burn/cause your mic is scorched/Flame on Mr. August Marx/with that Verbal God shit/ill flows that’ll bust on your smile/now swallow or spit/ya’ll don’t want to fuck with this/come on
U after the decimal/grafted terrestrial/settle and sample/hi hats/snares/kicking/soothed with a cymbal/screw you with a medical glove and a thimble/uninspired to read like that pager screen on the kindle/I’m ill mental its simple/u whining about the tempo/while I wild out like Yahshuwah wilding out at the temple/funny thing is money changers know that money dangerous/snow bunny banging/miley cyrus/so make daddy famous/grope it, choke, and yank it/I’m a beast with a banger/don’t even ship ya album/I’m releasing the anchor/your ass is grass/pussy or plankton/I’m big down there/let me put this tow truck in your basement/You don’t feel me/the pussy is a bottomless pit/I come out of your moms and holler/I’m out this bitch/so she gave me up for adoption/and I’m the answer to your questioning/mom on who your big brother and god is
Track Name: See Me Dancing produced by Beattsar
If the world crumbles around me/I got my own back/if these mother fuckers is rowdy/I keep a chrome gat/feel eternal pain as he laughs/until my own death/going through hell with a smile/see me dancing

If I ain’t have hard times/I wouldn’t have times at all/shit is ill/I was born hated to top it off/Moons turn to blood whenever I’m involved/so I’ roll solo/and only slap hands with the prodigal/outer zone/mental moving under the scope/I never met a millionaire that needed prayer or hope/we banging revolts/lost language/anguish in bulk we pray for money bags, gold bars, power and yachts/the burning tower/future position/I should’ve listened/ruthless vision observation realistic hedonist twisterd/believe in his craft/but it seems love is leaving his ass/he clings to the past/and struggles breathing/seeing the end/It’s like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/I fight tooth and nail/for this light of mine/so I invite imams/and breath into the sphere/rejuvenate the life force/wise sun rise this year/we conquer all despair
I protect the babies/like a mountain lion/under the grid/I’m like a waffle iron/hot sion/august marx tyrant/that’s how I archive it/hawk eye them/verbal godz the rawest try it/my guerrilla science/fire pen/ignited/terrestrial flight shit/lightening strikes and I strike it/ my healing hand swift/if u want to build we can get into some man shit/speak into the canvas/my words are fucschia amethyst/indigo blue cause the truth is useless/u see it/now the skies herald/trumpets sounding/ameros compiling/metals and diamonds/while I recline shining/ I decline signing myself aligned with vampires/dark veil/lonely as hell in a foreign empire/quagmire/nag champa fire/So I’m loading pumps up/eye am the enemy/so what’s what/mother fucker
U sold your soul for riches/I just sold Satan a verse/battled rappers in Hades/until my reign broke the curse/so the third and the fourth could merge without this draw back/jaw cracked/raw rap/murder and sadness all that/where the gods/in the name of allah/we cherish odds/with shards of broken spirits/palms scarred cause I was told the mission/and I must hopld the vision cause victory is certain/on the precipice of transformation/all are sacred/no one is worthless/my freestyles a testimony to god speed/I kick it with luminaries that guarded the garden of eden/the feast of trumpets/beats or emcees/nigga I’m eating something/celebrate my introduction and be at peace with strong gusts/of solar winds/decimate the warrior kingz/the ancient of thieves pyramids connecting the elohiym/grown ass men curled up in a fetal scream for mercy kills/close range/I can take your head off or you can king me
Track Name: Poot Touch produced by Invectrum featuring Archetype (Vinyl Primates)
Poot Touch
Got my hand in the cookie jar/feeling libidinous/feeling this beat/and feeling being a sex deviant/get the scent and I’m there/if your moms get out of her seat/then I’m sniffing her chair/Cause I’m nasty like that/never let the pussy pass me like that/finger licking frolicking/ ain’t flipped at all but this juicy broad is releasing the dog in me/wanna dehydrate her and burn a few calories/I’m addicted to busting nuts/with or without someone to share it with/there it is/uh/I’m a twilight master/kundilini serpentine/king supreme ass waxer/ass gabber/growl when I fuck like I’m mad at her/stab Haviland/leigh Darling, and Misses Savage with the javelin/Caroline and the granny too/what that punany do/It’s sensual how much alike you’ll find with man and animal

Chorus: U a nasty ass dude for that shit/old poot touch fingers crossed/heh heh heh heh heh/
U a nasty ass dude for that shit/old poot touch fingers crossed/booty man/neh neh neh neh neh/neh neh neh neh neh
Track Name: I Know produced by Aaron Levy
Verbal Godz/you heard me akh/gitas qur’ans and dirty glocks/twin nina’s/Taurus ba’al worshipper/fire thirty shots/one for every year they say Christ lived before his ministry/Sunday school studies/classes for dummies/that’s your black history/savus trinity/rhyme laureate/grime glorious/time for me to grind gory/and bomb Babylon for the real warriors riding for me/victorious/sion Voorhees/taking all challenges/you’ll take an “l” like you refuse to return a mechanics allen wrench/earth is my kingdom/love sanctum/brotherhood of the dove replace them/think twice about your future like it’s a/glitch in the matrix/and ya’ll don’t want to play with the fire breather/desire ether/scribe in peace/the man and the beast/sion the prince nigga/super cybernetic enhanced/bionic tight grip/microchipped/laser precision/shooting psionic discs/revolution with a shamanic twists/my interest/selenite third eye spy out/sinobites/and fucking flip/insomnia night shift/starting over/my planet home/knowing the age is over/abased then I go nova/dog star brilliant shine/radiant resilient mind/start up and epidemic and prove there are none ill as i

Chorus: These rappers are punks/the whole game is fucked/you don’t want it with me/nah you don’t want it with me/these rappers are punks the whole game is fucked/you don’t want it with me

I don’t had it with these premadonnas/mind of a rider/my psychi burn this bitch/august marx 616/transformation impervious to dracos/reptilian invasion/my breast plate righteous now/pop off on some thug shit/its curtains yo/I take my bow/Only build with destroyers and move with shakers/you can’t deny the real/innovative devices on misforturnes wheel/terror from above we drop gems that fall on the feeble/all of its evil/believe me they intend to deceive and mislead you/with that watch the feet/watch the feet/hit them in the fucking mouth/I used to wear my heart on my sleeves/but I’m rocking beaters now/so come to the front of the stage/yo/stop the music nigga/boo/we ill as fuck/ya’ll are just horrible listeners/I diss a pope at mass and show gluttony/like the wine is to die for/and these little wafers I can’t get enough of these/and that’s not a joke/and if u don’t like the words that come out of my mouth/then take one in yours straight to the back of the throat bitch/cause u hopeless/I spit that dope shit/I be here spitting truth/you in the booth reciting your hope list/dude you suck obelisque/I’m hiphops front man/now get off’a my dick/or I’ll beat you with one hand/

Track Name: Evil Yedi produced by Ghost Rogue
I’m an ass hole/my condescension/fuel militias/with a few malicious acts of aggression to show we mean business/I grieve instant/my mere existence is an ill resistance/emission with iller tension amidst these silhouettes and pilgrims/dictator operation build the wall/nehemiah’s law/keep these fucking serpents out your lawn/word bond/self is the god/third eye is the mind/every wolf suffers fleas/and believe I get it in for mine/pimping my pen we grinding with saints/the cerebral of apes/suggesting evolution and the fat kid takes the cake/I’m not humble/pick a rap beef with the gumbles/and brag about beating they grand daughters in bloody knuckles/I’m mad childish/tell me no and I start wilding/yelling and shit/throwing dishes/I hate you like an infant/booing the audience/fuck u I’m sorry its just how he is/the lesson is even the best of men don’t give a fuck u dig?

Chorus: I yell and I cuss/so fuck you because my life sucks/I’m angry/I don’t sleep/It ain’t fair/why me/cause I am evil Yedi/I am evil Yedi/I am evil Yedi/I am Evil Yedi

At a speaking engagement/atleast reach for the pavement/ease of sadist/in grief at the way it is bracking for god’s Decimation fire clouds gather sulfur scented/sulk is all percentage/carbon killers/my brigade is sickness/flame initiative/pain and dissidence/achy breaky new name and pictured with the god of war grimacing grindol/singing that simple shit/freak nizzle/better put a nipple ring in that nipple bitch/lets handle this/son of essenes/scrambled by the philanthropist/phantom its pure passion/ I pull tapestry carpet and drapes erogenous/g string/baby please don’t make me wait/I need that/Mighty Diana Wisdom I eat that/like sloppy Stephen hawkings while driving/leaning my seat back/and I bet not need a towel,sheet, a shirt or a Kleenex/fame is whack/I’d rather remain unknown cashing in these checks/VGz bless/and your rapper family is fucking whack/august and abbot marx/u wanna fuck with that?

Track Name: Serendipity Saints produced by Optimystical
It was autumn/leaves fell/nights grew silent/vibe was ominous/something in this hemisphere was stalking quiet all the neighbors saw me/walking my dog/I’m always on the job/grey skies/think I’ll hold off mowing the lawn/so I’m at the park/I meet this old man/he said his name was sam/black gators, fly sporty, and a black turtleneck/We build about Allah, Atlantis Rising, and York/As we talked/I told him how my life’s approaching/a fork/and he offered a bit of wisdom/but he kicked it in rhyme/the shit started mad corny/but he kicked gems that shine/so I listened real close and started bobbing my head/he said, “nobody really loves you till the day that you’re dead/It was a strong statement/he went on for minutes/blazing shit/about khemet/the origins of man, moors, Arabians/supreme mathematics/the book of shadows/Crowley/and reptiles/tiamat, Lucifer the deluge and fema camps

He spit until I saw his aura/royal blue/bright/brilliant boom bap/but everything he rapped turned belligerent/started sniffling/clenching his fist and spitting sickness/dissident, tears, in his eyes showing his teeth/and he was killing it/calmed down a tad bit/breathing back to normal/said he spazzes out when his mind hits the worm holes and portals/he said you got skill and your passion/is awesome/but your outlook is off and you need to be cautious/cause love is the light that binds all together/and if we gon’ make it then we gon’ do it together/then he stopped/took a deep breath and said/u hear me/if life imitates art/we’re all connected in theory/remember that/and young brother matter of fact/u have no choice but to keep moving forward/cause I ain’t going back/then he gave me a pound and was out/it’s like he faded into the night time sky and headed back up to the clouds