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This is the first official Verbal Godz LP. "The Prince" is a hard hitting and epic masterpiece featuring Savage Trinity& Bedlam Brethren (P.O.W.Z), C-Rayz Walz, W.A.R., 7 2 the Sign, Life Scientist, Archetype (Vinyl Primates), B9 (EMG), Oz the Arc Raider (Vendetta Kingz), Bizzy Boss Hog Johnson with production by Vint Mentalz, Sunda Musik, Shaolin Beatmaker, J. Demers, Bambu Hands, Jedaprin, MindTwist, Mr. Krus, Apoka Underground, White Shadow & Hazard Prodigy, Optimystical, and MORE!

Peace and love to all who support real music and indie hiphop!


Sion 7


released June 20, 2012

Mixed by: Richard Highbaugh III for Uncle Darryl Studios
Recorded by: Richard Highbaugh III for Uncle Darryl Studios
Cover Art: Skull Damage
Mastered By: Chris Hutchins for Bizarro Records
All YedidYah Ben Sion lyrics written by Richard Highbaugh III for Angel Gambini Publisihing (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Verbal Godz Indianapolis, Indiana

Verbal Godz began recording for their debut project, "When Kingdoms Fall", in the fall of 2009. This promotional LP was well received and respected by the underground community. The Verbal Godz consist of brothers, Savage Trinity and YedidYah Ben Sion who eventually included SpekTrim into their endeavors. This trio of lyricist show great promise of being an immovable force to be respected. ... more

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Track Name: Reborn: The Assignment produced by Vint Mentalz
Tortured souls/gathering masses/death chant compassion/understand and grasp/forty fifth hex/your lake is placid/we assemble where there’s bars on the window/beat box and instrumental/when incarcerated/transcendental/when they let me out the beast/I stood behind bars/flashy medallions/assy stallions/cash clips/and hood battallions/I blew the flyest cheeba with the finest senoritas/gangster niggas with automatic heaters is on my team/what/wilding at the bar/tipping crazy/tricking maybe if she catching tonsilities/swallow babies/catch the IT IS/trail blaze a path of hell flame/I am what hell made/western ideology liberty bell shame/midnight when it tolls/know the battle is on/recite my fourteenth stanza verbatim/off of the god scrolls/buck shots/at punk cops/tossing the Molotov/america’s a battle zone/back down or call it off/till the babies are pitching rocks/I think we all lost/search light/holocaust/books burning/Allah calls/real science/eighty five percenters/answer yes simon/step in line with anu’s crimy illusion/grimy dudes/moonlight sonata fueled/Christ molecule/activated by a decalcified pineal/sip pineapple juice/war stratagem at the drawing board/type of fear that make Satanists and atheists fall and call on the living lord/while I deliberate/with Fletcher, Jordan, Arthur and Grandpa/like Christ’s transfiguration in front of his top dogs/I pop it off with a Bisme Allah and bow to the east/offensive strike/preemptive blow to the belly of the beast/quantum increased/beyond the love frequency/till I travel/interdimension/like Elijah with bright light/heavenly fire steeds/I-N-D gothic/for piety prophets pompous/I yelled Yashuah’s the king/and they popped me in the pumpkin/darkness fell/hypnotized by the lullaby of a cosmic void/I took flight through the abysmal/dark/light was brittle/sparked astronomical units in thought speed/vehicle dimethyl triphamine/return to my photonic being/I heard a low intense rumble that shook the nothing/a high frequency tone that sounded like the seven seas rushing/ propelled through a vacuum/powered by existence/a black hole horizon event whirled and destroyed its captives/light tried to escape/but darkness was faster/this is destiny/metaphysical mastery/no gravitons/harmonizing with the galactic sadness of being God/and the joy of the infinite number one/enumerated into the egoic homosapien sons of Amen Ra/Triple darkness/self sparks quarks to hydrogen atoms/high vibrations elevate the faithful/and gather in voids in star patterns/before descending into earth’s chasms/we birth awareness/knowledge/wisdom/and overstanding now share this/the composition of the one’s beloved form/Arm Leg Leg Arm Head/fourth density standing while he read the lamb’s book of life/wrote it as he spoke it/the Ancient of Days touched the seal and broke it/what emerged was someone like the sun of man/as he walked forth the light force /incarnated the daunting source of greatness/explaining/half man/half amazing/and he named us/said your Beloved/he’s the Trinity/false idols that talk vital/saying that their word is bond/burn down Babylon/with solar burst energy/I’m sending you to Earth as the Verbal Godz/word is bond
For the children of the world/ (the prince, the prince, the prince)/For the Children of the world/(the prince, the prince, the prince)/For the childen of the world/Sion/Guerrilla Zulus/let’s go
Track Name: Sword That produced by Apoka Underground
Sword that/anytime they running they mouth I tell them/sword that/you don’t want the god at your house/we gon’ sword that/if I gotta say it again/we gon’/sword that/come on/sword that/come on
We built on the Moorish science temple/to Zionist principles/from eden/to the contemporary diet for cannibals/from Chem Trails to Kim Cantrell/no exaggeration/anatomization/free slave/fifth generation/UNIA flag adorning my leather bracelet/can’t turn your back on the past if you never faced it/from warriors to gangsters/whips to spliff/spears and four fifths/adrenal glands/pumping endorphins/while I mighty morph and transport into a storm/cold and hot form cross currents/gravity takes place/whence I evaporate to a barely visible vapor/I de evolve into a great lake/or maybe to the red sea/I’ve never been/falling I crash land to descend on pharaoh and all his wicked men/I’m not drunk/I don’t drink/I’m just thinking/maybe I should go to sleep/damn
There’s a thief in the temple/alibi the book of malachi/understanding knowledge cipher/
I got the hands of a stone mason/I build foundations/and nations/of education/destroy the fortified walls of capitalism for recreation/I’m frustrated/I love you/why all the hatred/carrying hood dreams/like a wooden beam/Juda’s blood kin/achy ligaments/laboring for the king/ever since I rose up out the chocha/my cross to bear/via delarose/until the shows over/they lash me/I cry out but can’t stop laughing/the sun blackens/my voice raspy/really I’m just on the block with the Tenach/war of the words/heat seeking scriptures verse twenty gauge doctrine/I left the Baptist/apostolic/and pentacostals/they shun me for Thomas’ gospel/this feels like the first century at Massada/the passion of Israel’s jewel/stigmata
There’s a thief in the temple/alibi/the book or malachi/understanding/knowledge/cipher/Eddie Low Lifer Long/strong arming Ha Shem’s covenant/governed by brother like the devil disciple Apollos/oops/I’ve entered the realm of conspiracy/heretic’s spiritually throw onyx stones when the 7s are near me/a bloody tear drop/from the eyes of the holy mother mary/or shall I say Isis/Semiramis/Nimrod’s stargate/lead us to a crystal in modern day atlantis/one hundred forty four thousand leagues under ha shamayim/the seeds of the supplanted/trade your birth right/for five mics/the source of all enchantment/with a legion of styles/melting wax/like a pocket/with chapstick/unraveled to time travel/I’m half baffled/sporadically/grafting these letters to form words/for scores on the triple word/with my mind/scrabbled/I’m babbling
Track Name: God of Medicine produced by Lord Chain featuring Peaceful Order of Warriorz (Verbal Godz and Bedlam Brethren)
Chorus: My death grip is a serpent/microphone asclepian wand/1,2/1,2/we are the gods/fda will not approve/don’t let them pimp you/take they heads off
Grass roots genius/Asclepius thesis/word to me/its even demons in the underground arena/thieving emcees/hostily rocking mediocrity akh/its popping when agents of aristocracy drop dollars and buy the g’s/hiphop is under siege/like a city founded in peace/when chaldeans came sixth century b.c./lower class struggle glamorized by the corporate hustle/white collar board room shuffle/even the black devils flex muscle/so they collab with the god mandingo/black wings/flight of the phoenix structured like the alpha helix/down spiral/bound by you/parasitic/you’ll pay for free styles with inc invisible/thrills devils/they can’t relate on a real level/so they assimilate the ill mental/triple darkness in the wilderness marching/watch me spark it/bedlam brethren and verbal godz/here’s your daily portion
Track Name: Knowledge of Good & Evil produced by Jedaprin featuring Mook Da Truth (W.A.R.)
Chorus: All we gained was knowledge of evil/ya’ll eat from the tree too/fallen mankind/trying to find the tree of life/even when I try to do right/I do wrong/on my knees saying alms/forgive me/but this a storm we in/I’m only trying to live righteous/but I’m battling with my flesh/gotta save myself/civilized trying to follow the blind/but I guess its up for me to shine/so follow me

Your only claim to wisdom is silence/ so plead the fifth/I’m ground zero in the hood/harassed by crooked pigs/guantanimo/patrolling the sole controller/this battlefield earth/inertia from 1,037 1/3 rotation/motion sickness/I can feel the world spin/time increasing rapidly/I kind of hope the world end/entertainment is filth/images flash raw/like Caiaphas/dragging Christ to be judged in the halls of Herod/drunken disorder/and orgies are alluring to people that have no knowledge of good and evil/so they climb the tree and pick fruit/juice trickles down the chops of blood crazed infidels who gained knowledge of evil/but lost knowledge of self/cannibal yells/howling at the full moon/hear the church bells/twelve a.m./candle burning/supplication still searching/ill sermons/I kill devils at will with the steel burners/yeah


Ill tidings of concealed writing in Vatican vaults/red bandana/tarot deck/wrap/my star guide/crystal ball gaze/celestite gem/praising Ha Shem/you ballers are broke/I’m raising the rim/full court press/hustle on that Yacub science/devices sorcery fire/from the night owl/darkness is the source of all being/all seeing/hard breathing/ya’ll demons fall screaming/raw g’s that leave all of ya’ll bleeding/while my engineer strolls through eden/fig leaves cover my penis and eve’s yum yum/he caught me fleeing sun/gave the serpent a bad rep/for showing me divine self/bred for subservience/enlighten the blind chillun/blue flame fire sword cherubim at the entrance of my paradise/did I forfeit my eternal life/incarnated splendor/the beauty of pain grip us/now my progeny/Christ child will have to deliver us
Track Name: My Black Heaven produced by Bambu Hands featuring B9 (EMG)
Chorus: My black Heaven/where we all get together and quote/punchlines from the hottest new comedy show/my black heaven/black jesus/big black afro/dashiki/and all black air Jordan retros/My black heaven/old school tunes/and soul fool/pita bread and hummus/with barbecued tofu/my black heaven/and the only time we pick cotton’s with a black power fisted comb/
Yo/upon arrival/I saw a calmer side of you/dope massada view/that melanin Christ molecule pineal/decalcified/solar vibe/summer solstice outside/Curtis Mayfield jumping off with baked yam fries/black babies show me they dougie/the older g’s playing cards for money/sipping Budweiser and puffing purple goodies/the older queens laugh and gossip about sister Sharon/and how she make too much money to be in what she’s wearing/but take it a step further/away from the black burners and the next murder/where young gods would rather be o dog than nat turner/and young earths wear chains that say Barbie/they shrug shoulders the second you ask them where queen Assata be/I tell them to get knowledge/they tell me to get real/but is it real enough that you need knowledge to get a deal/like slaves in the field/we toil without a proper piece/that’s what it is/but how it ought to be/
Modern pharaohs/fresh as baby powder in they day clothes/twenty sixes on they chariot chrome/places they roam renown/blood diamonds glitter from his last venture/pigs on the ave harass but he laughs sinister/burning rubber/banging NWA word to mother/it’s a day in the life of legit/trifling vipers that bit the sun of man and still we stand/five star hustle/no Coleridge Jackson/fumbled in the corporate plantation and bubbled/on ingenuity/bootlegs weed and carpet cleaning/with queens gleaming/the darkest hour it seems/through history prosperous/day star phosphorus/shine dominant grinding/while dark lodges reside on that ole pirhana shit/post deluvian/akubelan continent self sustained/Xhosa baby/people of the heavens honoring the sunshine/360 degrees of knowledge/all is one though/health is wealth in a black beater/prepare for the gun show
Track Name: Judas Cradle produced by Shaolin Beatmaker
Elohiym fire/Ezekiel dry bones/valley of death/filthy rag righteousness with a tarot deck/cedar tips blaze in a brass vase for divination/father abase them/profound lectures on empty pages/my pen embraces destiny/feel like my grand father’s next to me/mission carry on his legacy/a thousand years to me is like a day/twenty five of them joints/I’ll renew my Qur’an and cleanse the earth of pain/renewal by fire/fuels doomsday prophecy/Ephesus to Laodicea/seven candlesticks post descension/to the return of the cosmic Christ conscience/ascended master/transcending matter/manipulating the molecular composition of my universe/I project solar burst love/that infringe upon your limbic system functions/LOL/hypotholemus gut busters/may you laugh/all the way to the bank/Im giving thanks/step your hustle up

Chorus: Take them to Judas Cradle/medieval torture rap/ill body/strong arm tearing they flesh/let’s get it cracking on some warfare/come on/hiphop/come on/tomahawks/come on/g-rep/come on/take them to judas cradle/medieval torture rap/ill body/strong arm tearing they flesh/let’s get it cracking on some warfare/come on/hiphop/come on/verbal godz/come on/Midwest come on

Its bad to the bone like calcium deficient diets/agricultural giants/touch like midas/mysterious mayan count down/new age came and went/rhythm is a dancer/tap into the vibe and show the god your piurette/freedom in steel cages/slavery to kingdom reigning reformation rebuilding our civilization on sand/with expectations of a millennial rule/but there is no god present there only zuul/ghost bust/one in the toast what/the daughters of man dance/Babylon the great still stands/on stilts/eroding with time/karma for those corroding minds/build with urban imams that rock coofies and timbs/blue flame fire blade Excalibur/only sharp as the holder/knowledge is golden to the sole controller/warriors take charge/and soldiers take orders/equality hour/I’m rushing these suckers/time to bang on them


As we suckle from the breast of the mother goddess/supplication await the waxing gibbous/in shadows watching/in visions/sage healing/trickery/unakite alter/uv charged/vividly aching from not saying my graces/burn the midnight oil/alm recitation/duel of destinies/lower vibration/decimation abrasion/enter the matrix/hydroponics/ moet on chill/I force fed Morpheus the red pill/zealots and law keepers/martial law beefing with god’s people the QaDeSHiYM/holy one’s peaceful anointed regime/hands to the heavens/cum bay yah/we praise aloud/pita bread and humus/with green tea flavored gingerale/solar plex/hexagram chakras/aligned 2012/prepare for the beginning/its going down/celtic cross spread laid out/foretelling the dawn of the Elohiym/hostile takeover with Savus Trinity
Track Name: Fish Wound produced by Mindtwist featuring Bizzy Boss Hog Johnson
Are you man kind/or kind of a man/contribution cock it back and shoot/this uncoof/stupid dude out the sunroof/squeeze off flames/with no aims/heavy rain came/ancestors/prayed god save him/but he ignored the ancients/or maybe it was the drum that got them deaf and dumb/one hundred rounds in the gun/turn a devil to god/yelling his crew out/the shells flew out/sounding like slot machines in vegas when they hit the pavement/old people fell/mother’s grab they seeds/infants screaming over they sibblings/hands red from trying to stop the bleeding/and all this to prove its real where they stay/but in real hoods/real gangsters own real estate/time pass slower than white women with shopping baskets/but at least they put down the biscuit/as soon as they grabbed it/we were once born kings and queens/night terrors got me doing mad time in this American dream/

Chorus: This ain't the garden of Eden/and there ain't no angels above/and things and how they used to be/and this ain't the summer of love

Four thirty comes/buzzard goes off/time to clock out/in the parking lot/he thanks god before he sparks a “l”/crack his window blasting bone thugs/shoot shoot shoot them up/hit the block/red and blue lights/pigs ambulance/and fire trucks/what the fuck/he’s trying to get to the spot/but half the neighbor hood’s blocked off/yellow taped up/he parked the whip and hopped out/thinking it was unh and nem/till he saw commotion at his mom’s/ house/started sprinting/interference with this crazy officer/mr. Jenkins cried/let him pass/that’s the father sir/now he’s bugging/blood on the grass/who’s in the ambulance/phone vibrating/the text said get here fast/ran up the porch in the crib/he saw his father with the younger seed/fourteen months/the other one is three/but where is he/heard moms crying in the kitchen/he yelled/baffled and screamed/they said/he’s with the paramedics/outside fire man brought his kid to him/its ok/daddy/ I got shot, but it’s just a fish wound/

Track Name: Eyesolation produced by White Shadow & Hazard Prodigy
Angels are unborn babies/infants are guardians/temple army killing all of these scum/fashioned after Jason Voorhees/the God’s mindstate/a half till eight/I say grace and taste locust and honey from a half filled plate/head to the ground/my countenance contrite/cause still waters run deep and hold sixteen with one in the pipe/walking barefoot through the jungle I hunger/stomach rumbles/street gospel/focus/slow/breathe through the nostrils/the science of prana/eye of the anaconda/seeing wise/universal consciousness/heaven on earth/without the ganja/chanting the mantra/I am who I think I am/the son of man solar ill fam/I scribe rhymes on jovial moons/jeremiah twenty and nine doom/I rip my hand off and shoot them flames at you/my steez karate/verbal godz/ with that hard body prophet rock/biblical knowledge/lyrical college God


Its that black hole rap/oblivious track record of trap rappers/stashing crack in a babies pamper/I see Christ in the moonlight/tear drenched palms praising Allah saying alms/the end is near he warned/then a lightening rod/struck my navel/that’s interstellar violation/great white lodge/beyond the constellation orion/sion 7/simply deny you access/into the most holy/my velvet robe turns wool if you ain’t royalty/purpose to purge the dirt of impurity/milk to nurture/meat to sustain/faith is far fetched/knowledge is close range/youtube farakhan speeches/killing the speakers/destroy and rebuild/history teaches the battle sequence/rocking coogies and cardigans/hooligans/lawyers with coofies/Qur’an’s and ninas/whoever suffers is he who’s heart is meaner/predecessor kalifas/I talk to the trees/what/I talk to the trees/come on


Haunted by specter/trial and error/grinding/sleeping never/time is of the essence/actions speak louder than words and you walk in questions/while I rock the crowd dancing in parables/my live performance/strike chords in eternity that’ll make the bill boards for seraphim/the more I thought/the more paper I crumbled/I muted the music and punched the concrete/till the whole foundation rumbled and split/and that speaks wonders on my silent vengeance/lying friendships/murder swift/pouring liquor for innocence/outcome is how I weigh intention/my pain addiction is affliction/conformed to the norms of a third dimension/immersed in sickness/we find solace in hoping/all the seals are open/Yedi the dude like Devin Copeland/I tell it to be and it exists/manifests from the inner zones/where bliss is one and love is the metronome/I deliver the forty seventh bar of three sixteens/on the forty eighth octave of the EMS and leave in peace

Track Name: Duel of Destinies produced by Nizuk featuring Savage Trinity (Verbal Godz)
Approach the tabernacle/half baffled/my gods is laughing at u/strapped and if u so much as sneeze/then I’mma be gunning at u/on that sword justice/maniacal laughter so fuck u/cats is so scared to bust they watch porn all the way through/straight biters /you need to shout yed out in a verse/you got a fresh idea card/but u were jumped in first/you’re too weak/a fort night/true speak/abort fights/begging record execs with nasal congestion like please sinus/sun u hopeless/verbal godz murder your whole opus/hot tracks coming out the ass/u loving this dope shit/flushing bricks down the toilet/now I’m speaking on boo boo/I’ll take a dump in your booth and still sound better than u do/retards ride the short bus/but I’m much worse/I kick rhymes on the back of a fat guy wearing a yellow shirt/with a black stripe/I spit flames the mic is a crack pipe/I’ll rock until I’m losing Isaiah for my respect alright

Chorus: Who are you/Sion/the god of intolerance/lyrical dominance/cynical prominent/interval ominous/monolithic apocalypse/what you do/fuck/fight/crush mics/lay pipe/head banging all god damned day so good night/Verbal Godz/mic check 1,2/1,2/all in together now/throw your hands up and act a fool/hiphop/bang your heads when the gods come through/real talk/if u don’t like this then fuck you/

I’ll do a rain dance/to a beat that sounds like a pagan chant/and summon gjinn with butt lust/and horse dicks in their pants/xxx when it goes viral/I’ll spit eight bars in your left ear/that’ll blow your brains out all over the wall to the right of you/approach the holy of holies/ben sion kinobi/I’m a vegetarian/why u don’t want no beef/wise the menace/kill critics/quick get off of my didick/I drop hot tracks so your girlfriend can bend over and get it
Track Name: Libera Nos produced by Bambu Hands featuring Oz the Arc Raider (VK) & Savage Trinity (Verbal Godz)
Chorus: Deliver us from hell where the junkies stay/kissing slugs/bust in the air/cause God’s going to hear me pray/deliver us from evil/Deliver us from hell where the junkies stay/kissing slugs/bust in the air/cause God’s gon’hear me pray/deliver us from evil/deliver us/ (our father who art in heaven/please give us this day/our daily bread/and forgive me for the times that I had to take it)

Mysteries unveiled/blow the shofar/exodus 7th Seal/destruction/my gothic rap apocalypse ill/black angels with broken halos/supplication for peace/white candles on the mantle/we kneel and pray to the east/with palms open/psalm quoting/Pac songs/tatted with rosaries/tears fall down a young mother’s lonely cheek/gun shots ring out/down the block/sirens screaming/white house/trafficking/fifties around the corner creeping/twelve gauges pay sins wages for hell raisers/young thugs/azrael awaits them/no doubt/urban oratories/emcees scribe/prophecies/current affairs/on fast food napkins with Gabriel there/canonized lines/God mantras like Allah got us/bright white light protection for my suns and daughters/reverse the gun blast/sip the full cup of his wrath/liberation is here/word to the tribe of shabazz/come on
Track Name: WZDM Radio produced by J. Demers
Yeah, you are listening to WZDM and I’m your host, Sion. What we have for you is a special treat, by your’s truly, The Prince

The wind blows I listen/decode the logos/translate the mission/manifest knowledge of the god man mishna/24 elders whisper profound mighty/there’s only 143,999 out here like me/focused tough/sun salutation/crown opened up/8th chakra/royal blue radiant/indigo is love/Isaiah chapter six seraphim bliss/burning coal refined/4 wings cover sight/and conveyance/with only two to fly/ha ruach qodesh led/cradle to death bed/ancient of days spoke/told me to write scrolls so that’s what I did/locust and honey hustle/won’t stumble for money/suckle at the teet of mother nature/for stustenance/supple/reluctance and bubble/bust it love is love/and truth is power good/unity is digital and ya’lls hatred is analog/antiquated pharimones/smelly taint I’ll battle ya’ll in Babylon/and out perform with any weapon in your catalog

The time of your life/prepare for the time of your life/yeah/prepare for the time of your life/

If you didn’t have sight/would you know where you at/feel the sun’s location/navigate your way back/tell time without Elgin/constellation/star gazing blazing paths/raise your vibration/loving nature with ancient math/pan forest dweller/serpentine protector guardian/banging Bob Marley/study Garvey/and walk the streets in harmony/from poor righteous teachers/that study/and pimps that get money/grid locked/inner city rush hour/what thunny/telluric emanations born rhythms/when man get them/we born isms/religion sickened/imprisoned witness/like all you see is bars/I can see the landscape/behind jail house walls/yo peace god/we greet with handshakes/barren queens/fertile mandrake spells/reveal kings/Hebrew scriptures put me up on the Dudaiym/M-I-C caddeuceus wand/my speech proof of God/so I know the Most High/got my back like a loofa scrub/

Until next time, all you ladies have a splash/and you fellas have a blast/love, peace, and soul/rest in peace Mr. Don Cornelius
Track Name: No Coleslaw produced by Vint Mentalz featuring C-Rayz Walz
Reacquainted with the ancient of days I dressed casual/we smoked bud at the crystal castle/chips with home made salsa onions/jalapenos and cilantro/halls of amenti/laugh at adam biting his apples/Bull shit runs the marathon/and ya’ll are athletes/I hulk smash beats and kick ass in track cleats/ super sayan sion/slay with psionic/cybernetic satellite/synchronous/try out thinking us you’ll get beheaded/like the punks that see me shine and catch hard feelings/its self defense/my words aren’t murder/its all killing/I yield the fire sword of a higher lord/iconoclastic prophet Josiah dialog when I’m rhyming God/ya’ll crumble up paper/and I crack tablets/Now write ten commandments/and sixteen bars or I’m not having it/some thou shalts and shalt nots/you’re losing your soul/and digging yourself a deep hole/like Stanley Yelnats/that wicked baptismal abysmal/worshipping fiscal/curse of the pistol/cause pussies will murk you/but they won’t get you/we move like Spartans/full speed ahead/and ya’ll move like targets/red dots on your head/what/I told ya’ll/why u sleeping on me/we the verbal godz/N.A.P. homie/Savus Trinity/u told me I’m the bomb/u had the vision/now its time to kill them all/

Chorus: Keep on talking that shit/I’mma show ya’ll/throw your hands up if your with me/I’m taking roll call/weak ciphers my faux pas/disown ya’ll/now gimme thighs legs and breast no coleslaw/

This is Gemini turn tables and boom boxes/Boogaloo Shrimp/teaching Michael the moon walk shit/back slide/think of the title one last time/cause I eat women and not chicken nigga/that’s why
Track Name: Victorious produced by Mr. Krus featuring Karma (W.A.R.) & 7 2 the Sign
Chorus: Revolution flow through my veins/I am are notorious/Garvey and Huey P. Trained/who want to war with us/America killed its patriots/now guerrilla warriors/pumping our fist/time to resist/we are victorious

Freedom belongs to those that break the cast iron/Pontius pilate/of immoral docility to find it/confined within a constitution/of lies/socially instituted/blind/crippled grind/sixty hour weeks humping triple time/peace to all my g’s/in the bing/lost kings reinstated/pharaonic/flipping through pages/getting knowledge/reading Karl Marx and Mao Tse Dong/communist and social democracy/philosophical anomalies/dead sight infused/gradient hues/of red, white, and blues/doctor Scholls couldn’t walk in our shoes/we play the game to lose/in the factory lifting boxes is picking cotton/this planet is like a concrete coffin/steel toed stomping/guerrilla republic pumping our fists/midnight gathered at the town square/torches lit/Joey Baggs/7 2 the Sign/and B Karma/mayhem at 1600/the America dream is stale/and old glory is crumbling/yeah
Track Name: A Shot in the Dark produced by Sunda Musik
Yo/when you pray/pray in this manner/our father who art in heaven/don’t forget us/lead us to moonlit pastures/with silver light love/lacing my pages/grace abound in the sound of praises/where u inhabit on the backs of fools seeking atonement/redemptive prodigal/paulian doctrine/where the sun of man quoted/Egyptian mysteries/ascension based knowledge/I am the fruit of shabazz/recalling worship at Heliopolis/ever the optimist/navigating the rigors of third dimension laws/scarred knuckles and liver damage from all my pitfalls/walk with the meek and talk to the streets/abase the pharaoh/I come to you weak/feeling desperate short of breath gasping/tears falling I guess what I’m asking/is such a silly question/my brain storms for a thread of faith/no hope/I’ll turn my head away/maybe some other day/I’ll take a shot in the dark

Chorus: A shot in the dark/Yo/I been having a difficult time/if you care for me then give me a sign/ I’ll take a Shot in the dark/I been looking/my walk’s been crooked/but I been hoping that you could refine me/here’s a shot in the dark/kind of been wanting to end it all/but its you if ever a nigga had a friend at all/a shot in the dark/if it fells you can send me to hell/cause at least I’ve seen fire/plus I know that the devil is real

Last year should have broke me/I stood alone/that’s what my earth showed me/kicked off an ill resistance with broski/finished with the ghost of dissidence/and to top it off/scrub ass uncle keith was on some trick shit/that’s why I keep friends and fam distant/sipping herbals reading scriptures/while burning incense/tears fall/this pain is intense/abandoned Krishna conscience for Kolishnikovs/and fisticuffs/hit the bricks and beat your pain to dust/ammunition to keep the god from trusting/still hustling/never even had time to mourn/I miss my homie britt your memory lives on/word bond/the pit of my stomach feel like I swallowed venom or something/I can curl up and die/or stand and keep gunning/even though I’m losing/I am not a loser/smelling like Dmitri vodka/maybe a boozer/but if I had the chance to choose I wouldn’t even be here/so until I get a taste of living water/tell God I’mma be sipping these beers/


All is energy/the universe hears me/so with thought I co create alchemically/against the obvious impossible/self is obstacle/the god cipher divine/accountable clowning with cannibals/counting my candles/snuffing out my flame/strength of intention/the midst of pain/the weight of karma heavy on my brain homie listen/I’ve searched within and without/my truest friend devout/reflecting the past present/all is illusion except this very second/we lose it/crying about then stress over when/blessing my pen with supplication hate subjugation/force awaken the primordial spark/creationism enlightenment always leads me back to the dark/salvation awaits the…
Track Name: Inextremis (The Prince) produced by Buddha Palm
Angels walk amongst my team/like Banshees amongst the wicked/with guns clicking and forked tongues slithering from Pharaoh’s Magicians/I drop a mic like the staff of Moses/alchemically out did’em/and mami’s flipped/when my boa constrict/Lord Metatron mic megalith architected this/left and right hemisphere thought/mind ampidextrious/heart rips/only my pen heres/I been here/my words are like T-Boz in Belly/they’re fucking sincere/I want atonement without blood shed as the price/but peaceful revolution is absolution for the devil’s science/fig tree of life eat blossoms/six weeks after the vernal equinox/I freestyle prophecy to beat boxing/Microsoft word font Enochian flame scripted by Elohiym encrypted/Angel sentence/Pain transitioning from low vibratory oscillation/my vocal chords/unleash winter storms/cold blast to the listeners faces/nation is faithless/standing by the unfaithful/Israel and Judah/mystic fables/like alphas Soundwaves/Willie Lynch frequencies how to make a slave/manganese/Malt Liquor bottles on the walk way/ground littered with weed baggies/and bullet shells/Newport filters/Urban Oratory’s/and Citadel/fashion fortress/mad causing Bad Karmic/in orbit/enormous/torah portions/with Saul of Tarsus/in tattered Garments/before the metamorphisis/I was the polar opposite/when God visit/watch in silence with competence/dragon sword unsheathed/YedidYah declare war/victory/that’s what I’m here for/with al l my werewolves/I’m the wind cloaked in a Verbal Godz avatar/carry my cross/they still beating my bloody back raw/hurling insults/this is my via de la rosa homie/I been a threat so these weak ass rappers disown me/like the Sun of Man is JUST okay/I’ll drop two bars for each shot/and match u if u bust off eight/its all work/its no play/you heard me in Conversion by the Sword/I wrote this album with the pen from a grenade/my boom bap theory involves/single celled/rap organism lyrics/either die or evolve/my cipher be the prior of sion/celebrate with builders and break bread with my pisans/P.O.W. guerrilla Zulus/this the first judgement/recite the laws and reinstate the convenant/hiphop can over t hrow the government/but we bicker over hoods/swag/religion and mad other shit/Till a voice among voices emerged/broken halo/fire purged/runaway slave/The aurren stay going/scatter my foes like the knight of swords/if I don’t win then I’mma good night us all